Residential Aged Care, sometimes it’s a good choice

 In Aged Care

Residential aged care is not all doom and gloom.

Moving into residential care is always driven by needs, not wants. Most elderly people strive to stay in their own homes with determination and vigour. Sometimes clinging to home is not the healthiest or “happiest” of choices.

When you’re too frail to be bothered with preparing a meal, going out to shop, visit friends or attend social functions, loneliness creeps in. People generally don’t recognise it until it’s well and truly entrenched. Add to that, a layer of anxiety that often comes from being elderly and alone, particularly at night.

Residential care can be the difference between loneliness and isolation, or the warmth of companionship and caring. We are social beings at heart.

I’ve seen this scenario many times over the years. It’s never so heart warming as when someone comes into a residence with high degree of apprehension that slowly evaporates as residential life with it’s warmth and security begins to envelop them.

So, why not have the conversation if you have an elderly family member living in this situation. Visit a few aged care residences in your area. Trial respite in one or two you think might be suitable.

You never know, it just might be the right time to make the move and see your loved one engaging in and enjoying life among people who share the same memories and nostalgic journey.

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